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LJ Hair Spa ~ Suite 2

LJ Hair Spa
Lacey Carias & Jenna

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Hair Stylist, Hair Colorist

Dreaming big

LJ Hair Spa at Social Salon SuitesLacey and Jenna met in beauty school, and have felt like "two peas in a pod" ever since. They love working together, and were able to maintain their companionship at Drybar, where they both got jobs after they finished school. After working separately as independent contract stylist for several years, it seemed natural for them to join together and open their own hair spa. Their individual talents complement each other well. Lacey loves doing vivid color with her color services. While Jenna is skilled at creating flawless natural tones.

Lacey and Jenna share a true love for keeping hair healthy and beautiful. They feel the secrets of the styling industry does not need to be kept a secret! These passions encouraged their dream to become a reality for opening LJ Hair Spa.

LJ Hair Spa is a new, unique type of hair salon, offering not only cuts, color, and styling services, but also a dedication to helping their clients find relaxation and maintain the best possible health and style for their hair. Their vision is to provide you with not only a great spa experience, but also to provide education to keep their clients hair looking healthy and gorgeous every single day.

Relax gorgeous, and be hair healthy!