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What is a Salon Suite?
Social Salon Suites is a group of mini-salons all under one roof, similar to a doctor's office building. Each suite is a separate room with a private lockable entrance and the basics you need to run your own salon.

Social Salon Suites is unique in the flexibility you have to decorate and equip your own salon to suit your own taste and style. You are not limited to the landlord's idea of what kind of salon cabinetry, and décor you should have.

Why a salon suite as opposed to a standard salon?
With a salon suite you don't have the standard salon expenses such as electric, gas and water bills to deal with. Also, your Social Salon Suite does not require 3-5 year lease usually required for commercial & business leases.

What do you need to start your own Social Salon Suite salon?
You need your cosmetology, nail, esthetics, or barber license from the State of California, a business license from the City of Glendale, a Federal Tax ID number from the IRS, an establishment license from the California State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology, and general & professional liability insurance. Social Salon Suites includes your general liability insurance. We will help guide you through the process of meeting those requirements.

I'm in a commission salon now. How will my income change?
You'll love this. Suite rental allows you to keep 100% of everything you produce. Even after expenses, suite-renters show an immediate increase of between 30% and 55%. Run your own numbers and see.

How can I take advantage of the 10% pre-opening discount?
Simply send in your application and get approved before the grand opening deadline. For those interested, right now there are 6 "tall window, street view" suites, but they will go fast, so act now.

How many suites are in Social Salon Suites?
There are only 18 suites in total. Unlike "suite factories," we believe less is more. Too many suites in one place are too much of a good thing and the concept waters down for everyone.

Why is Social Salon Suites a better place to be?
Although your suite comes with the important basics essentials, you can paint and decorate it to "create your own" salon or spa service world to suit your tastes and fit your vision.

Although your suite comes with the important basics essentials, you can paint and decorate it to 'create your own' salon or spa service world to suit your tastes and fit your budget vision.

Also, you have the camaraderie and creative energy of other well-established salon professionals around you without the inevitable salon politics and "drama."
An important part of our "Social" is that you can access all of the scheduled continuing educational opportunities that will be provided by Social Salon Suites on an on-going basis.

Finally, there's the common Reception Area where your guests relax while they wait for you, and the Retail Gallery where your guests can browse your favorite product lines available for sale. And before you ask, yes, of course you get a generous commission on all of your client purchases in the retail gallery.

What are the hours of operation?
You and your clients can access your salon suite 24/7, 365 days a year. Each suite is individually locked by you and the main entrance has a secure entry system.