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Suite #03 ~ Pierce Your Soul

Social Salon Suites Pierce Your Soul

Pierce Your Soul
Mickey Aranda

(805) 746-0447

Instagram: @mickey_pierceyoursoul

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Body Piercing, Infant Piercing

Hi! I'm Mickey. I have been a Body Piercing Professional for over a decade. I take a unique and important approach to piercing. Bringing my medical background to this artistry creates a really professional experience for the people I pierce. It’s so important to me to create these beautiful adornments in a high-end environment. A new piercing can transform the way you feel about yourself, and I want everyone who visits to feel welcome and safe.

I specialize in infant piercings, working in a quiet and serene space each weekend morning. I’m grateful for the chance to connect with these little ones and their families, creating a special experience for them. It’s an important memory. Infant, college student, grandparent, or anyone in between – a new piercing on the outside helps you feel a little closer to who you are on the inside. I want to help create that feeling in a way no other piercer can.