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Masood Hair Studio
Masood Bayervand
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Hair Stylist & Hair Colorist

As a hairstylist, what makes Masood unique is not only that he studies and listens to his clients carefully, but he is a craftsman with a keen eye for angles and geometry. Whenever he cuts, colors, or styles someone's hair, he pays special attention to the details of shape, growth patterns, and what he calls the "future of the haircut." He thinks of what the haircut will look like down the road and gives advise about overall hair care and styling with consideration for his clients' lifestyles.

With over a decade of experience, Masood has cared for a wide range of clients from the film and TV industry to healthcare professionals. His expertise ranges from the classic styles to modern, edgy, asymmetrical cuts.

However, whatever the style may be, he is described as a perfectionist who has a passion for precision haircuts and making his clients look their best.

To Masood, happiness is giving someone a great haircut.