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I have loved The Social Salon Suites since the first time I set foot on the property. I fell in love with the owner Rosey and the interior design and lovely smell of the suites!

I am a tattoo artist and have been looking for a place of my own to begin my new business venture. This was exactly what I needed and I leased a suite here immediately after viewing it.

The other suites here are run by the most kind and loving and warm and talented people I have ever met. I felt so comfortable with them and knew that we would get a long great and after 4 months of being open here I have only fallen more in love with everyone, the suites and the services we all offer!! This has been the perfect place to grow and blossom!

Justine S.
Los Angeles, CA



From the moment I walked into Social Salon Suites, I knew this was the place that I wanted to open my salon. I have been to other salon suite franchisees before, but never have I seen the quality and detail. Every suite is designed perfectly for its purpose. Rosey "The Suite Lady" has supported me in getting my buisness started, coaching me on improving my bottom line, and providing ongoing education as a salon professional. I opened my suite, Koster Blue Studio in September. My clients love the free secured parking, the ambience of the space, and the friendliness of the other professionals. If you are a salon professional do yourself a favor and check it out. This is the place to grow your business!

Christina H.
Los Angeles, CA



I've been doing hair going on 8 years now. I've worked in 2 different salons. Which means I'm a long term goal type of person. When i decided that I wanted to open up my own studio, Social Salon Suites was the best choice for me. First things first. Parking? Plenty! Is it free? Absolutely. Nice and clean inside? Of course. It's such a great place to work. Also, you are your own boss! My neighbors are great. We have estheticians, a tattoo artist and other hair stylists like myself. Let's put it this way. I don't plan on leaving anytime soon.

Dianna N.
Burbank, CA



The Best Place to Work !
All the people around me are very positive and friendly.
The environment is so comforting it feels like I am working from home. I look forward to coming to work everyday!

Angela S.
Burbank, CA



Like everyone else, I immediately felt a positive connection to Social Salon Suites. From the very first correspondence with Rosey I knew she was different and that this place was something special. There is attention to every detail and I can't even describe how amazing it smells, it's like coming home every time you walk through the doors. The energy is peaceful and everyone is passionate and inspired about their work. I've been in the wellness and beauty industries since the early 2000's and this is the first time I have had my own salon suite, I feel extremely lucky to have found the best my first time around. I wouldn't change a thing. Highest recommendation all the way around. Well done Social Salon Suites!

Ticia Lea R.
Glendale, CA